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Boarding house Presentation

Casuta Bunicii (Grandma's House) boarding house invites you to forget about the daily life for a while and taste the quiet life in the countryside, in a place that seems totally detached from the real world..

6494385A traditional house dating from 1910
, with furniture typical of those times, renovated in order to correspond to the current necessities, located on a hill, in the middle of a 7,000 square meter garden, invites you to step over its threshold and enjoy the quietness, fresh air, intimacy and relaxation in a dream-like scenery, provided by the courtyards and forests around, surrounded in their turn by Bucegi Mountains, Piatra Craiului Mountains and Tara Barsei .

Casuta Bunicii (Grandma's House) boarding house, situated a few kilometers away from Bran Castle and other points of interest in Bran area, is a sample of authentic Romanian tradition and addresses all those who want to enjoy the charm and flavor of this boarding house.


Casuta Bunicii (Grandma's House)
Big prize for the local tradition category!